We invite you to embark on an exploration of the captivating short film Saved By Grace, a masterpiece released in 2018. It is a compelling narrative put together by the visionary director and writer, Brandan Haskell. This remarkable film, stamped with the producer’s mark of Mattie Moore, is a vivid display of storytelling in its most potent form. 

“Saved By Grace” is a testimony to the power of collaborative filmmaking, blending astoundingly authentic performances, engaging narrative, and exceptional musical embellishments.

Notably, Saved By Grace features an outstanding cast spearheaded by Spencer Trinwith, whose performance has left an indelible mark on the film’s audience. The cast’s evocative portrayal of the characters has significantly contributed to the success of this short cinematic piece. 

  • Director and Writer: Brandan Haskell
  • Cinematography: Micah Shiff
  • Producer: Mattie Moore
  • Main Cast: Spencer Trinwith, Lauren Patterson et alia. 

The film stands tall, thanks to its award-winning score by Mark Slater, whose work serves as a powerful undercurrent, reinforcing the plot’s emotive depth and driving the narrative forward. It represents a synthesis of visual imagery and auditory artistry that elevates the viewer’s experience to the next level.

Saved By Grace won the ‘Best Short Film’ award at the 2018 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

Garnering a multitude of accolades, the film ‘Saved By Grace’ has been graced with an impressive tally of 10 victories and 5 nominations. Among these notable recognitions include the highly esteemed Best Actor award hailing Spencer Trinwith for his remarkable performance, the Best Music Score award lauding the work of Mark Slater, and the coveted Best Short Film award recognizing the collaborative effort of Mattie Moore and Brandan Haskell. Experience the full breadth of the film’s celebrated achievements and acknowledgement by visiting the IMDB page.

Exploring the Genesis of ‘Saved By Grace’: From Concept to Screen

Set against the tumultuous backdrop of World War II, ‘Saved by Grace’ vividly captures the hardships and heroics, both on the battlefield and the home front. It is a riveting tale of love and courage, underlining the resilient spirits of both the brave soldiers facing the foe and the unwavering women holding the fort back home. As quoted by its remarkable Writer-Director, Brandan Haskell, the film stands testament to the inspiring stories of these valiant individuals, and is designed to illuminate their empowerment and bravery in the face of adversity.

Immersing the audience in the daunting arenas of war, both domestically and within Normandy’s thickets, the short film ‘Saved By Grace’ is a profound reflection of wartime resilience. It sheds light on the unsung heroines whose myriad efforts manifested in the production of armory and vital supplies for the warriors on the forefront. Through the lives of Grace and Francis, characters vividly brought to life in the narrative, we see a unique perspective of collaboration despite a separation of thousands of miles. This short film brilliantly juxtaposes tender romance against the grim backdrop of war and survival, where Francis is compelled to take lives for his own preservation. The narrative serves not just as a tribute to those engaged in war, but also a testament to love’s capacity to endure even the harshest trials.

Spencer Trinwith: Breathing Life into ‘Saved By Grace’

In ‘Saved By Grace’, Spencer Trinwith offers a performance of magnificent intensity and striking depth that increases its grip on us with each passing scene. The crucial role he played in bringing the character to life was instrumental, demonstrating an unrivaled commitment to detail and a profound capacity for emotional storytelling. 

As an actor, Trinwith doesn’t merely bring cues from a script to life. His performance suggests the making of decisions in real-time, demonstrating the ability to showcase a character’s motivations and intentions through nuanced acting and emotional intelligence. In ‘Saved By Grace’, he renders a stark yet profoundly relatable portrait of his character that etches itself into our memory. 

Trinwith’s prowess stems from his extensive experience and unique abilities. His career has seen him cultivating his craft in various mediums, emerging as a versatile icon who can weave narratives through powerful performances. In ‘Saved By Grace’, his exceptional ability to inhabit a character fully shone through, leaving us in no doubt about his talent. 

Brandan Haskell: The Creative Powerhouse behind ‘Saved By Grace’

A host of crucial elements amalgamate to construct a successful film, and Haskell’s understanding of these individual facets allows him to skilfully balance all of it. This understanding is evident in ‘Saved By Grace’. With Brandan at the helm, the film transforms into a timeless narrative that speaks volumes about his craftsmanship. 

Under his guidance, ‘Saved By Grace’ was meticulously curated. Each frame; each dialogue; every scene was shaped with great care and accuracy, maintaining an overall atmosphere of suspense and sensitivity. As a screenwriter and director, Haskell poured his heart and soul into this movie, extracting striking performances from the cast while ensuring the narrative stayed engaging throughout. 

The truth of a thing is the feel of it, not the think of it

Stanley Kubrick

Making Music Memorable: The Award Winning Score of ‘Saved By Grace’

Between the exhilarating engagements of touring with icon Stevie Wonder, the composer Mark Slater took the time to conjure an award-winning score for ‘Saved By Grace’. Enlisting the expertise of his reliable comrade, grammy-award nominated Edgar Sandoval, Slater meticulously prepared the musical score for the compelling drama. His team for the recording included an ensemble of five virtuosic musicians, boasting the talents of the celebrated cellist Ruslan Biryukov and renowned violinist Etienne Gara. The captivating score found its voice in one of Los Angeles’ prized recording locales, a studio graciously provided by Schecter Guitars.

Illustrating the contrasting aspects of the film, the score blends melodic tones and rich harmonies for the romantic sequences set within the United States, while employing discordant and abrasive soundscapes to underscore the wartime sequences set in Europe. Masterfully guiding the audience’s emotions, the film commences and concludes with a haunting solo clarinet motif, posing an enigmatic question to its viewers: What, indeed, is the true price of war?


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