Mark Slater has crafted hybrid cinematic soundtracks for a variety of immersive media experiences, advancing our senses from the realms of Fulldome, VR 360, and leading us into the captivating world of the 9D Theater Experiences. 

  • Fulldome Experiences: Slater has composed soundtracks for fulldome experiences that have played in planetariums around the world. These immersive settings, coupled with captivating audio, evoke profound emotional responses, enhancing the overall impact.
  • VR 360: Slater’s soundtracks have drawn many into the heart of VR 360 experiences, contributing to a heightened sense of immersion. His compositions aid in enriching these experiences, by synchronizing seamlessly with the virtual worlds.
  • 9D Theater: Not just serving as background scores, these soundtracks play an integral part in audience immersion in the storyline. 

Hybrid Cinematic Music

Perhaps the first question that arises when you hear the term “Hybrid Cinematic Music” is, what exactly is it? A unique and enthralling concept, Hybrid Cinematic Music is not your typical movie soundtrack. It is a genre that mixes traditional orchestral music with contemporary, electronic elements to create a blend of sounds that are effortlessly immersive and tantalizing. 

Picture this – you’re in the depths of an alien world with a symphony orchestra playing in the background. Suddenly, a pulsating beat drops in, introducing an electrifying layer of electronic music. Your heartbeat matches the exciting, rhythmic tempo, and you’re thrown into a grand, thrilling experience. That is Hybrid Cinematic Music in a nutshell. It is the heart of the 9D Theatrical Experience at the Tiens Industrial Health Park, thoughtfully curated to enhance the immersive experience and captivate your senses. 

For the Tiens International Health Industrial Park, Mark Slater worked with Evans & Sutherland Digital Theater productions to produce 6 short 9D immersive film about the human body. 

Tiens 9D Theater Experience in China
Tiens 9D Theater Experience in China

“Although I produced these in 2013 using a limited palette of samples from my library back then, I think they show my range for hybrid cinematic music in the vein of fantasy adventure and action films. Key to success in this genre is the ability to change styles very quickly and make bold statements using strong colors and clearly defined lines.”

Today, sample libraries have expanded the range of sounds and textures that composers can incorporate in hybrid film scores. One such manufacturer of virtual instruments is led by Danish composer Troels Folman.  

Another 9D project Slater worked on was a tourist attraction on the island of Rhodes, Greece: Throne of Helios. 

Throne of Helios: The History of Rhodes 9D Theater Experience
Throne of Helios: The History of Rhodes 9D Theater Experience

Throne of Helios: The History of Rhodes 9D Experience is a unique and immersive attraction located in Rhodes, Greece. This innovative entertainment concept combines 3D cinema with physical effects and interactive elements to create a nine-dimensional experience. The show takes viewers on a journey through the rich history of Rhodes, from ancient times to the present day.

Fusing Technology and Storytelling: The 9D Theater Revolution

At the heart of the 9D Theater Experience lies a one-of-a-kind blend of cutting-edge technology and enchanting storytelling. Imagine this: you step into a futuristic chamber, take your seat, and are instantly transported into another world. This is no ordinary cinematic experience – you’re not just watching a film, you’re living it. 

The 9D experience is designed to engage all the senses, making viewers feel as if they are truly part of the historical events unfolding before their eyes. Physical effects such as wind, rain, and heat, along with movement from the seats, enhance the visual and auditory elements of the show. This multi-sensory approach not only makes the experience more immersive, but also helps to improve memory retention, making the historical information presented more memorable.


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