Mark Slater: Professional Composer

Hello. My name is Mark Slater. I’m a professional composer who writes music for film, TV, immersive media, interactive media, live performance, theatre, etc.

I grew up in England, UK, studied at Oxford and started writing professionally in 2006.

I’m known for writing music for science and documentary films, animation, and drama in the immersive and interactive space.

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Recent Work

  • Tokyo Origami for META (Oculus Quest) Composer
  • Alika (Reggae Rap Live Album) Mixing & Mastering
  • Make Art Not War Media (Documentary Series) Composer
  • Mars 1001 (Full dome film) Composer and Orchestra Conductor

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About Me: A Professional Composer

My name is Mark Andrew Slater. I work as a creator in film and media production and as a professor and teacher. In my career, I’ve collaborated with renowned artists and musicians, ranging from the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra to the legendary Stevie Wonder. I’ve also worked with children and adults with complex needs as a care worker, therapist and aid volunteer. My experiences were gained in the UK, USA, Africa, and Japan.

My involvement in film and animation as a professional composer was a primary focus for many years. Many of my projects combined entertainment with education reaching audiences around the globe.

My interest in composition grew out of works written for orchestra and acoustic ensembles in the 19th and 20th centuries. Russian and German romantic and modern composers, minimalists, post tonal music are strong influences. The use of such styles in the film and television programmes I watched and the games I played inspired me to become a professional composer for media.

Mark Slater recording a commercial at Abbey Road Studios

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