Mark Slater: Professional Composer

Mark Slater is a professional and award-winning composer experienced in creating music for visual and interactive media, and live performances. Read more on Wikipedia.

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Mark Slater conducting orchestra in Prague
Mark Slater conducting Prague Metropolitan Orchestra at Smecky Studios


  • Original themes and jingles
  • Underscore to picture
  • Arranging and orchestrating songs and other material
  • Live music performances, studio and location recording
  • Computer and electronic music production
  • Mixing and mastering music for multi-track recordings, Dolby Atmos, Ambisonics

Recent Work

  • Tokyo Origami for META (Oculus Quest) Composer
  • Alika (Reggae Rap Live Album) Mixing & Mastering
  • Make Art Not War Media (Documentary Series) Composer
  • Mars 1001 (Full dome film) Composer and Orchestra Conductor


  • Science, history, and educational films
  • Animated films and shorts
  • Incidental music for theater, contemporary dance
  • Themed Entertainment, 9D Cinema, Rides
  • Immersive environments, spaces
  • Psychological thrillers, science fiction, period drama
  • Mixing and mastering for bands


  • Chorister at Christ Church, Oxford
  • Classical Piano, Cello, Voice
  • Chamber Music Performance
  • Musicals and Theatre
  • Orchestral Concert Performance
  • Conducting, Musical Direction
  • Professor of Music Theory and Composition
  • Masters Degree in Film and TV Music

Score Production Indicative Packages

Custom quotes available on request. Full music production management provided. Solutions include score production entirely from my own studio up to including large recording sessions with an orchestra in location options such as London, Eastern Europe, Los Angeles.

Latest News

About Me: A Professional Composer

I work as a creator in film and media production and as a professor and teacher. In my career, I’ve collaborated with renowned artists and musicians, ranging from the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra to the legendary Stevie Wonder. My background includes engineering, law, and social work. My experiences are shaped by life and work in the UK and Europe, USA, Africa, and Japan.

Lake District UK
A photo from a hiking trip in the Lake District, England.

My involvement in film and animation as a professional composer started in 1998. Much of my work has been for documentary, giant screen, and themed entertainment projects that have reached audiences around the globe. I have also provided soundtracks for several art cinema and award-winning festival films.

Mark Slater recording a commercial at Abbey Road Studios

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