The album Temas Unidos, a collaboration between British composer Mark Slater and Argentine composer Gabriel Lococo, has been recognized by the legislature of Buenos Aires as Culturally and Socially Significant.

So, how did the creation of Temas Unidos unfold? The album’s genesis dates back to the year 2016 when Mark Slater met Argentine/American Filmmaker Sergio Bonacci Lapalma, aka Chapete. Little did they know at the time that this meeting would be the seed for a revolutionary, culturally impactful music album. Bonding over their passion for art, music, film, and social activism, the duo collaborated on several projects before Sergio created a non-profit Foundation, Make Art Not War, and began to sponsor artists. One of those artists was Gabriel Lococo. 

The Foundation initiated a dialogue between Lococo and Slater that seamlessly blended their unique artistic perspectives. Slater, renowned for his compositions in film and television, brought cinematic grandeur to the album. Concurrently, Lococo, with a background in Nuevos Aires, traditional Argentine, and electronic music, added a distinctive local flavor and rhythmic vitality. Their artistic synergy birthed a powerful, universally resonant, anti-war soundtrack, manifesting in the form of Temas Unidos. 

The production process wasn’t without its challenges. From geographical differences to language barriers, Slater and Lococo had a fair share of hurdles to jump. But their commitment to the central theme of peace and unity prevailed. Utilizing the wonders of technology, they exchanged ideas, beats, and melodies across continents, culminating in the 17-track masterpiece we commemorate today. 

It’s not every day an album transcends its musical constraints to make the kind of impact Temas Unidos has. It’s a testament to the power of music, creativity, and most importantly, a shared vision for a more peaceful world. This socially and culturally significant album is a clear reminder that art can speak volumes, spark conversations, and even inspire change.

Temas Unidos: Certificate awarded by Buenos Aires Legislature

“Unveiling the Origins of Temas Unidos: The Culturally Significant Anti-War Album that Resonates in Buenos Aires”

The album’s title, ‘Temas Unidos’, translates to ‘United Themes’ in English

The aim was to strengthen relations between the UK and Argentina through art with particular reference to the ongoing dispute and hurtful feelings around the Falkland Islands or Malvinas.

War does not determine who is right – only who is left.

Bertrand Russell

Taking this quote to heart, Argentinian artists composed the Temas Unidos album. With each harmonious note and every poignant lyric, they paint a vivid picture of their anti-war stance. War might win some battles, but it leaves lasting wounds that take generations to heal– this is the message that the album endeavors to convey. 

From its inception, Temas Unidos was set out to be more than just an album. It was envisioned as a rallying call, a voice for the unheard. A heartrending tribute to the victims of conflict, and a call to arms– not for war, but for peace. 

And that is fundamentally what led to the album’s recognition as Culturally and Socially Significant in Buenos Aires. Not because it was crafted with unique melodies or featured well-known performers, but because it stirred a profound dialogue about war, its consequences, and the lasting peace that we should all strive for. Indeed, art speaks where words are unable to explain.

The making of Temas Unidos

The roots of Temas Unidos lies in a collaboration brought to life by the Make Art Not War Foundation. The pivotal figures in this creation were the talents of Mark Slater and Gabriel Lococo, who under the careful guidance of the foundation’s director, Sergio Bonacci Lapalma, embarked on a mesmerizing musical expedition.

Slater and Lococo created this “half-hour instrumental trip, sharing carefully selected orchestral symphonic music from works left from previous projects, now gathered for a peace film.”

The profits generated from the sale of the album are donated to Artistas Por La Patagonia, a movement that helps families who lost their homes due to the forest fires in southern Argentina.

Album Highlights

Among the works of the album are Étnica Cruce De Los Andes, by Gabriel Lococo, who was awarded the prize for the best soundtrack at the II International Film Festival of Brazil 2014, and Just Another Day, by Mark Slater, recorded at Abbey Road Studios, which won a Webby Award and was composed for an advertising campaign carried out by Tribal Worldwide for Philips, Seduction by Light

The cover art of the album was also an international collaboration between the English photographer and artist Ollie Dove and the Argentine/American filmmaker Sergio Bonacci Lapalma (known as Chapete).


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