Experience the unparalleled diversity of Tokyo, a city that skillfully combines the modern and the traditional, the conventional and avant-garde, towering skyscrapers and charming temples. Tokyo Origami, a VR series consisting of 8 episodes, offers a unique and rich insight into life in this intriguing city and beyond. 

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Diving Deeper into the COSM and Robin Sip Collaboration

Meta and Cosm Studios entrusted Mirage3D Studios with the production of this innovative Virtual Reality project. Under the leadership of director Robin Sip, the filming took place on location in Japan over a span of three months. They were supported by Virgin Earth, a local production company. Meanwhile, Mirage3D Studios’ team based in The Hague was responsible for the post-production tasks simultaneously, ensuring timely episode delivery to Meta and Cosm.

Immersing in the Tokyo Origami VR Series: A Closer Look

Let’s delve into the specifics of each episode:

EP.01 – Career Women: Step into the shoes of Japan’s businesswomen, meeting inspirational figures such as Risako, a fashion designer, and Imada-san, an internet businesswoman. Witness firsthand their leading roles in shaping Japan’s future. 

EP.02 – Breakdancing: Plunge into Tokyo’s breakdancing scene, connecting with two world champions and a youthful Olympic hopeful as they extend the borders of this recently recognized Olympic discipline. 

EP.03 – Scooter Girl: Join Minima Chigasaka, affectionately known as “Scooter Girl,” on a virtual journey across the scenic Izu Peninsula. 

EP.04 – From Fish Market to Sushi: Submerge into the bustling fish markets of Tokyo and follow an acclaimed sushi chef in his journey of turning the fresh catch of the day into culinary masterpieces. 

EP.05 – Karate in Japan: Tag along with Daiki, a young lad as he uncovers the essence of Karate in Okinawa, the birthplace of this respected sport. 

EP.06 – Tattoos and Taboos: Probe at Japan’s captivating taboo culture, diving into ancient tattoo artistry and the effervescent cosplay subculture at Tokyo’s Department-H. 

EP.07 – What Shinto Means to Me: Discover the profound spiritual pull of Shintoism in Tokyo alongside Akemi and her companions as they make their visit to the holy shrines. 

EP.08 – Eyes of an Otaku: Immerse yourself in the world of Akihabara, the renowned “Electric Town,” led by your Otaku guide into the realm of vintage video games and cherished collectibles.

Unprecedented Storytelling: How Tokyo Origami Wins at the Brno Fulldome Festival

BRNO Fulldome Festival 2023 Best Short

The eighth installment of the Tokyo Origami Series, “Through the Eyes of an Otaku,” garnered the prestigious Best Short Award at the 2023 BRNO Fulldome Festival. Here’s the esteemed Jury’s commendation:

Despite being less than 9 minutes long, “Tokyo Origami: Through the Eyes of An Otaku” presents the audience with a wide gamut of emotions, beginning with amusement and veering sharply into heartbreak. At the same time, the medium through which the show is presented – an unmoving 360′ camera stuck in the middle of a small space, – seems particularly well suited to the story, adding to its trapped, claustrophobic feel and inviting even more sympathy for the main character. The result is an unexpectedly haunting experience.

Mark Slater: Crafting Soundscapes for Immersive Media in Tokyo Origami

When it comes to enhancing the power of virtual reality storytelling, sound plays an integral role. In the Tokyo Origami VR series, film composer Mark Slater lent his expertise to the Tokyo Origami VR series. Crafting a soundscape that captures the energy, culture, and spirit of Japan, the soundtrack was designed to add depth to the immersive experience, transforming the VR series into a multi-sensory journey. 

A Brief About Mark Slater’s Background 

Having a rich history of working across diverse platforms ranging from video games to films, Slater has been an impactful presence in the industry. His philosophy hinges on creating sounds that evoke emotion, build a narrative, and augment the overall visual impact. With a career defined by compelling compositions, Slater’s work on the Tokyo Origami VR series is another testament to his versatility and talent. 

Slater’s Approach to Tokyo Origami 

In the Tokyo Origami VR series, Slater purposefully and carefully envisioned the integral role his soundscape would play in crafting the user’s experience. Living in Japan, Slater is already well-acquainted with the rich tapestry of Japanese culture. This deep understanding informed and defined the authenticity and narrative coherence that shine throughout the series. The end result is a sonic palette as diverse and lively as Japan itself.

Tokyo Origami is not just a VR experience but an immersive journey into a rich and intricate culture. My role was not just to create a soundtrack but a sonic environment that complements Robin Sip’s amazing visual narrative, enhancing the depth and realism of the virtual reality series.

Quoting Mark Slater, on his approach to the Tokyo Origami project. 

For viewers embarking on the Tokyo Origami VR journey, Slater’s soundtrack serves as a guide, opening doors to Japan’s vibrant culture, tradition, and architecture. The music, in harmony with the stunning VR visuals, invites users to explore, discover, and lose themselves in the virtual reality world, resulting in a remarkable experience that’s truly immersive and memorable.

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