Dinosaurs at Dusk is an incredible fulldome planetarium film that takes viewers on a thrilling journey back in time to the era of the dinosaurs. Produced by Mirage3D and featuring a captivating soundtrack composed by Mark Slater and recorded with the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra, this film is a must-see for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

Mark Slater conducting Prague Metropolitan Orchestra for Dinosaurs at Dusk
Mark Slater conducting orchestra in Prague

In this whirlwind time travel adventure, we join Lucy and her father as they propel themselves back through time to explore an Earth teeming with prehistoric life. From the Triassic to the Jurassic and the Cretaceous periods, we witness the awe-inspiring world of dinosaurs and their relatives, including the magnificent Pterosaurs and the feathered dinosaurs that share a connection with modern-day birds.

As we soar through the prehistoric skies with Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying creature of all time, we feel the rush of adrenaline as we narrowly escape from the clutches of raptors. And what could be more exhilarating than riding behind Argentinosaurus, one of the largest land animals to have ever existed, as we search for clues to the origins of flight?

But as time ticks away, Lucy and her father find themselves experiencing the cataclysmic “last day” of the dinosaurs. It is a moment of both wonder and sadness as we witness the end of an era, forever changing the course of life on Earth.

What sets Dinosaurs at Dusk apart from other planetarium films is the combination of thrilling action and breathtaking visuals. With its fulldome vistas, this film immerses viewers in a truly immersive experience. The stunning landscapes and realistic depictions of dinosaurs make it feel as though we are right there alongside Lucy and her father, witnessing these ancient creatures in all their glory.

The soundtrack, composed by Mark Slater and performed by the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra, adds another layer of depth to the film. The sweeping melodies and powerful symphonic arrangements enhance the emotional impact of each scene, transporting us further into the world of dinosaurs.

Whether you are a dinosaur enthusiast, a lover of planetarium films, or simply someone looking for a captivating and educational experience, Dinosaurs at Dusk is a must-see. It combines the excitement of time travel with the awe-inspiring beauty of prehistoric Earth, making it the most kinetic and visually stunning planetarium film ever produced.

So, get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through time and witness the incredible world of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs at Dusk is a journey you won’t want to miss. Step into the fulldome theater, buckle up, and prepare to be amazed as you are transported back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Trailer for Dinosaurs at Dusk


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