So this year 2021, Japan will host the Olympics, one year later than planned. Foreign visitors, other than the athletes, are not going to be able to attend the event in person. However, the Olympics Broadcasting Service, in association with Intel, is going to broadcast the games in Virtual Reality.

Prior to that, all major sports outlets are going to promote an app for VR headsets (Oculus for example) along with a few short films in VR that are currently in production, essentially music videos with athletes practicing (horse riders, swimmers, shooters, runners, sailing, team sports, judo, cycling).

Mark Slater (that’s me) is doing the music so far – from opening fanfares, to emotional tracks that build to a climax, and big finishes.

Here’s a taste – along with a new show reel I put together yesterday of some of my work over the last few years.


  1. Julie West

    Fantastic! Loved the show reel.

    • Thank you – glad you liked it. Right now we are waiting on feedback from the Olympics clients (OBS) on the first VR film.

  2. Tammy Wolfe

    Super excited about the NBC Olympics Vr app for Oculus quest 2. However, I entered Direct TV account info and it still says dont have access to content. Am I doing something wrong? I also had purchased a trial for Sling to try and watch and was told same thing. no access. Please explain what is required to view content as I am super excited about this application .

    • Hi Tammy. Yes it is exciting and I’m sorry you’re having some problems. Unfortunately, I don’t have any control over the implementation of the app itself, if it is the same one produced by Cosm. I’m sure it will sort itself out. These things are bound to have some initial issues on release. Have you tried alerting NBC to the issue?

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