Working in collaboration with Amos Sussigan and co-producer Nikitha Mannam, the Broken Wing project marked a very happy period for me as a composer in Los Angeles. The poignant animation narrates an intricate story of tragedy, loss, and the potential for rebirth. Crafted by a dedicated ensemble of students hailing from Woodbury University, nestled in the heart of the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, Broken Wing was a true story given animation, penned by Sussigan himself.

Unveiling the Broken Wing Animation Project

The distinctive animation of Broken Wing is crafted as an exquisite piece of art, showcasing hand-drawn elements with a watercolor touch that simply captivates. What sets this film apart is its intentional absence of dialogue or narration. The sound effects too, have been thoughtfully muted. In the resulting silence, the musical score commands your attention, becoming the pivotal element in shaping the film’s narrative.

Without question, Broken Wing transcends the ordinary; it is testament to the captivating power of storytelling skilfully married to evocative animation. This is a breathtaking paradigm of the artistic magic that meticulous narrative craft and visual finesse can unfurl.

Animation and Melody: The Art of Scoring for Animated Films

Visuals are critical in any animation project, but the soundtrack plays an equally significant role in engaging the audience. Broken Wing is a testament to this symbiotic relationship between sight and sound. Each scene, each movement on the screen is thoughtfully underscored by a melody that amplifies the emotion and propels the narrative. 

Creating soundtrack for a silent hand drawn animated film like Broken Wing soundtrack is more than just matching tempo with movements or creating a catchy tune. It is necessary to delve deep into the psyche of the characters, the ambiance of the setting, and the subtleties in the plot to produce soundscapes that not only complement but enhance the visual narrative. The music must tell the story.

The soundtrack for Broken Wing wanders away from the traditional Mickey Mouse scores often associated with animations. It incorporates a variety of instruments and techniques, for example the sound of an old record player, creating a unique soundscape. The amalgamation of sound design and acoustic instruments led to a sonically rich, layered sound that elevated the animated storytelling. 

In order to create a distinctive sound that carries emotional impact in a short form requires a deep understanding of musical exposition, development, and recapitulation. In addition:

  1. The characters were studied in depth to understand their internal motivations, fears, and desires.
  2. Scenes were analyzed frame-by-frame to ensure that the music seamlessly synchronizes with the action.
  3. The mood of each scene was carefully considered in creating a complementary sonic atmosphere.

The soundtrack takes the viewer on an emotional journey, guiding their reactions and adding depth to the story. The score for Broken Wing is a shining example of how a thoughtfully crafted soundtrack can profoundly enhance the storytelling potential of an animated film. 

In conclusion, the music score in the Broken Wing animation project is not an afterthought but a central piece of the creative process. It establishes, in tandem with the visual element, a symbiotic relationship to form an immersive and engaging viewing experience. It is formed by an insightful blend of instruments and techniques which successfully weaves together an emotional tapestry, resulting in an award-winning masterpiece.

Accolades for Broken Wing

The filmmakers behind the Broken Wing animation project deserve applause as the film made waves in the international film festival arena. It clinched the title of Best Animated Movie at the Lucerne International Film Festival and was named Best Animation Film at the New Jersey Film Festival. Not stopping there, it further grabbed the Best Film award at the Short Films Long Night and won over the audience at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth, nabbing the Audience Award. Its excellence in animation was additionally recognized at Shorttakes Student Film Festival where it earned the title of Best Animated Short. 

Moreover, it wasn’t just awards that Broken Wing collected, but its exceptional work lead to it being an Official Selection at numerous prestigious festivals, a nod every filmmaker dreams of. These include names like the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Hollywood Film Festival, Manhattan Film Festival, British Animation Film Festival, Castellinaria, Borrego Springs, Cinemo’ Rassegna Cinematografica, and A Qualcuna Piace Corto Television Contest.

Broken Wing Animated Short Film Poster
Broken Wing Animated Short Film Poster