The joys of dog barking

I’ve been canvassing homes in the LA district for several weeks, advocating for a charity, never mind which.

The dogs are aggressive and noisy. And the people who have them keep them that way.

There is, however, a far worse offender of a dog, that has been in my neighbor’s backyard since May 2016 and allowed to bark at all times of the day and night, in the most torturous fashion.

What joy can you imagine? Well, in fact, I realized that what I was hearing, amplified by the 186ft condominium high-rise that I am very privileged to live, directly above his scrawny yard, was a symphony of voices. And being a composer of sorts, now and then, I take such creative inspirations seriously.

Whom do I have to thank for this happy collision of neurons in my head that have stored the experiences of my life? A filmmaker no less. At a recent administrative hearing, which I did not attend, they did use my digital recording of the dog barking and apparently it had quite an effect on the room.

However, the compromise reached was only to restrict the Chinese water torture, bark-howls of this unfortunate animal between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am.

Leaving me plenty of reminders to take some action, creative and positive action, and therefore, among many things, commit to putting down my interpretation of this daily dog-barking soundtrack to my life into performance instructions that require human “live” musical participation in a space (no headphones allowed), so others can experience this symphony of sound and texture, space, and form that I was hearing through the quiet air of the night.

Afterwards, the audience can debate whether or not the dog was better off being allowed to roam free and take its chances in life.

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