Hello world!

Hello, World! Indeed.

As this is going to be my first post and as I’m going to start writing regardless of putting very much effort into the design of the website, then this placeholder post can stay and simply be updated by me … writing … right now … 11:18 pm on a Wednesday night, a bit hungry, a bit stoned and with survival work in the morning and who really ought to be getting along to bedtime.

But then I’ve been asleep all my life until pretty much recently in my 48 years. Well, that language is too vague and open to interpretation so I must clarify.  Overall, I have been like a pretty good sponge going after new experiences, absorbing the information, processing and storing everything in its most raw state, emotionally – giving wholeheartedly to the situation at any moment.

So not asleep. But asleep. Asleep as to something important along the way, which was the power to experience joy and appreciation in every moment of my life.

So while we may not yet be friends and while I may not yet know your story, I hope you find something uplifting and edifying here as I share the life that I experience and that I create.

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